Johan Björkegren

Johan Björkegren Group Leader

Professor of Genetics and Genomics
The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, NY, USA
Professor of Molecular Pathology, University of Tartu, Estonia
Associate Professor of Molecular Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Founder and Chair of the Board, Clinical Gene Networks AB 

Arno Ruusalepp

Arno Ruusalepp at UT-lab.

I am staff surgeon at Tartu University Hospital performing most of adult cardiac surgery at our department. Areas of my surgical expertise involve CABG, OPCAB, MIDCAB, aortic and mitral valve repair, aortic valve and aortic surgery via ministernotomy, aortic surgery and AF surgery. My research interests involve myocardial protection, mitochondrial function in heart diseases and genetics of coronary artery disease. .

Positions and Honors (chronological order)

  • President of "Estonian Society of Cardiac Surgery" since 2007
  • Member of European Association of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery since 2002
  • Member of Estonian Surgeons Society since 1997

Josefin Skogsberg

Josefin Skogsberg at KI-lab.

Associate Professor

Main focus: Identifying gene regulatory networks responsible for atherosclerosis regression using a mouse model with human like hypercholesterolemia.

Rajeev jain

Rajeev Jain at UT-lab.

Senior researcher. Head of cell culture studies and cell-type specific RNA isolation from patients.

Raili Ermel

Raili Ermel at UT-lab.

2nd year PhD-student, MD, Third year resident of cardiovascular surgery

Graduated from University of Tartu, Faculty of Medicine, 2010

 STARNET project from 2008: recruiting patients (filling consent forms, dealing with blood and tissue-samples), managing the clinical database.

PhD-students and candidates

Heli Järve

Heli Järve at UT-lab.

Vascular Surgeon, MD, Carotid lesion sampling

I graduated from medical  faculty of University of Tartu in 2000 and thereafter specialized on cardiovascular surgery. Starting in 2006, I am working at the Tartu University Hospital as a vascular surgeon. I find the carotid surgery as an interesting field including various vascular operations area.

Hassan Foroughi Asl

Hassan Foroughi Asl at KI-lab.

PhD student

Bioinformatic and System Biology

Risk enrichment analysis of groups of functionally associated genes to a given complex disease using GWAS.

Husain Talukdar

Husain Ahammad Talukdar at KI-lab.

PhD student

Computational biologist, network inference.

Aranzazu Rossignoli


PhD student

Investigation of new atherosclerosis target genes

Kati Sild

Kati Sild at UT-lab.

Medical student, endothelial RNA isolation

Aet Saar

Aet Saar at UT-lab.

Medical student, Carotid sampling, patient characteristics, carotid lesion preparation

Simon Jonsson

Simon Jonsson at KI-lab.

MD, Databases maintenance and master thesis

Tiia Tooming

Tiia Tooming at UT-lab.

Technician - RNA and DNA isolations, cell culturing

Anamika Jain

Anamika Jain at UT-lab.

Technician - maternal leave

Jaagup Truusalu

Jaagup Truusalu at UT-lab.

Medical student, Endothelial RNA isolation from CAD patient tissues

Henri Kaljumäe

Henri Kaljumäe at UT-lab.

Medical student - patient characterization of STARNET cohort